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Building Extension - Retail Storefront


Harris Karakannas Architects OIKADE Store

Project Architect: Harris Karakannas

Status: Planning

Design Requirements:

The studio was commissioned to design a glass extension to an office building and to convert part of it to a retail unit which would be independent to the rest of the spaces.

The requirements for the extension were to propose a design which is not invasive to the facade and that would provide an adequate display area. The budget for the glass extension as well as the renovation work that had to be done to the existing building was limited to fifteen thousand euros.

Design Approach:

The proposed design for the extension was inspired by the existing layout of the store that will occupy the space and more specifically by the interchange of scenes within the space, as the spatial design varied according to the product category that was displayed in each section.

To emphasize the interchange between scenes we proposed to connect the two main sections of the store with a glass corridor that exits from one space and curves to connect to the parallel section.

Furthermore, the proposed glass corridor is elevated from the ground to allow nature to penetrate and blend with the design and featured products which (many of them) take inspiration from the organic forms found in the natural environment.

Harris Karakannas Architects OIKADE Store

Harris Karakannas Architects OIKADE Store

Harris Karakannas Architects OIKADE Store


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